Atlanta Metal Detectors & Security Cameras

GunGate ModelsThe GunGate Company provides  walk through metal detectors and security cameras for sale for your home or business in Atlanta. Walk through metal detectors and security cameras are highly sophisticated and strategically designed to provide the greatest methods of safety and security available on the market. Our walk-through weapons detection systems employee sophisticated microprocessors and highly developed proprietary software to achieve levels of performance never before attained by conventional metal detectors. GunGate’s also provides Biometric and Digital Lock systems that allow restricted access to home and business locations based on numeric code as well as fingerprint analysis. This allows the system to not only function in a security capacity, but in a quality control capacity as well.


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Metal Detectors


If your are ready to buy a walk through metal detector or security cameras such as box cameras, dome cameras, cctv cameras, dvr, hidden cameras , remote patrol or interested in brackets and accesories contact us.  Conveniently located in Atlanta, GA. Call 770-713-4695. If you are interested in buying security cameras or metal detectors online take a look at our products page for affordable security solutions at close to wholesale prices.

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